Career Navigation

Career Navigation Services

Career navigation services help students overcome barriers to the workforce, set career goals, and develop an employment plan. Working with a professional career navigator, students will be able to:

  • Navigate a career employment plan by identifying careers that support the student's skills/interest and personality.
  • Conduct mock interviews to prepare students to be successful in a professional workplace.
  • Complete and submit various applications and paperwork as needed.
  • Connect to resources to improve work performance.

Workforce Preparation Program

The Workforce Prep Path program offers a holistic approach to prepare clients for success in college or careers by providing them the skills they need to pursue further study or ace a job interview. It is offered in conjunction with BAZ's “RISE” program, to help women Reach Independence and Self-sufficiency through Empowerment.

Following Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the program offers online instruction in four distinct areas of curriculum, including: mental wellness, health and nutrition, job readiness, and financial literacy. Courses are available for native English speakers as well as those who are learning English as a second language with 12-week and full-year options available to cater to individual students.

To ensure client success, this program is required for anyone participating in the vocational training in culinary arts or sewing at Zaman. Zaman has a full-time workforce preparation coordinator to oversee the program whose efforts are complemented by a career navigator to assist students with career exploration, employer engagement, resume building, and other job-readiness activities.

Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship training is available for students to develop their own businesses and gives them an opportunity to work on commissioned items and participate in art fairs which create pathways to more sustainable employment.

By completing entrepreneurship training, students will be able to:

  • Develop strategic business plans
  • Create marketing opportunities, including a Facebook business page
  • Network opportunities to develop business leads and contacts