History & Mission


To facilitate change and advance the lives of marginalized women and children, by enabling them to meet essential needs common to all humankind.


To realize a world where women and their children can break the cycle of poverty, and self-direct their futures.


The story of Zaman International begins in 1996 with the terminal diagnosis of a three- month-old infant. His parents, newly immigrated to the United States, had to face the heart-wrenching reality that no treatment would save him. Zaman Founder and President Najah Bazzy, a Transcultural Clinical Nurse Specialist, was providing clinical, spiritual and cultural support to this family throughout their time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

After visiting the family at their home, Najah was shocked by the sparse living conditions. Instead of a refrigerator, the family used a picnic cooler to house their limited food supply and baby formula. Instead of a stove, a portable propane stove was used for cooking. The infant’s bed was a laundry basket piled high with towels, and the infant only had the hospital’s warming blanket to keep him warm. When the infant passed away and the family was unable to bury him, Najah raised funds from the community to provide the infant with a proper burial. This was the beginning of Plots for Tots, Zaman's signature program which provides dignified burial support for families which have lost a fetus or infant.

Witnessing this family's sorrowful experience and shocking living conditions, Najah was inspired and determined to harness the community's efforts to help struggling families. She asked community members to donate furniture, food, clothing and household goods. The support and need for such efforts quickly increased, encouraging Zaman to formalize as an organization committed to using community support to address community needs.

In 2004, Zaman International- Hope for Humanity officially became an NGO committed to addressing basic needs and empowering marginalized women and children through relief and development programs. By 2014, Zaman International has helped more than 170,000 individuals, distributed over 250 tons of food and 47,000 meals to families in need across Southeastern Michigan, and provided disaster and relief efforts in 11 different countries.

In the last five years, our budget has grown by 455% and so has our impact. The success and continued growth of Zaman International is a direct result of our impact on the ground and community trust and support. As we approach our 10th year anniversary, we are embracing our growth with the purchase of The Hope for Humanity Center, a 40,500 sq foot building in Inkster, Michigan. Nearly 8 times our current size, The Hope for Humanity Center gives us ample space to help more marginalized women and children in the region and around the globe. The Hope for Humanity Center will ensure that our impact on the ground reaches even further, and that community support and involvement continues to foster our growth.