Zaman Community Health Center

Our Mission

At the Zaman Community Health Center, we are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ healthcare experience by providing equitable, culturally competent, and spiritually sensitive services to the women we serve, ensuring that they can overcome barriers to receiving the care they deserve. Our mission is to create a nurturing environment where every client feels valued, respected, and empowered to take control of their health journey.

A healthy client equals a healthy family, and healthy families create a healthy community!

When our clients prioritize their health and have the resources to take action, we can reduce the chances of a health crisis, prevent chronic illnesses, and improve health outcomes. As heads of household, our clients' health impacts the whole family and her ability to pursue a sustainable future for herself and her children.

Our Client Health Services

The Health Center provides several educational health programs each year including a chronic disease management course offered in Arabic and English, and an emotional wellness support group. Zaman's clients can also meet with a licensed counselor for one-on-one sessions.

Stay tuned for additional services coming soon as the Zaman Communiy Health Center will begin offering preventative care, one-on-one health edication sessions, and more in 2024.