Humanitarian Relief

Aid for Disasters and Humanitarian Crises

Zaman prides itself on rising to help our neighbors in need recover from natural disasters and violent conflicts around the world. Working with global partners and NGOs, we regularly engage in international humanitarian relief that addresses food and water insecurity and health care needs in crisis situations. To date, Zaman has helped people in more than 25 countries around the world.

  • Crisis Relief
  • Orphan Hope
  • Sips of Hope Water Projects

Give Gaza Hope Campaign

The Give Gaza Hope campaign provides essential food and medical assistance to those in need in Gaza. Zaman disburses 100% of funds donated to this campaign to our trusted international partners on the ground in Gaza including International Medical Corps, MedGlobal, and the Palestinian American Medical ASsociation.

To learn more or join the effort to bring hope and health to Gaza, visit today.

Sips for Hope

One in 3 people around the world lack access to safe drinking water resulting in devastating consequences. Each year, 829,000 die1 due from diarrhea due to inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene resources, of which 297,000 are children2.

To help meet this need and reduce tragedy, Zaman International and International Medical Corps are reaching beyond borders together through the Sips of Hope Well Campaign to provide safe drinking water to the most devastated and impoverished global communities.

Zaman and International Medical Corps focuses on providing safe, clean water in Sips of Hope's first community project in the Samburu District of Northern Kenya.

For about 230,000 people in the Samburu District - who derive their livelihood from livestock - drought threatens their very way of life. Lack of water forces many children to forgo school to migrate with their family livestock herds to far-off places in search of water. In a place where 83% of the people live below the poverty line, there is no safety net for many families when water becomes scarce.

Support from Zaman and other donors increased access to water in five schools and three communities in Kenya. At the primary schools, International Medical Corps created committees to manage the use of water resources and installed rainwater harvesting systems and teaching gardens. Additionally, Zaman's support helped provide access to clean, safe water sources, through the construction of wells, de-silting and the installation and repair of water pumps. Our donors' contributions help to serve an estimated 40,000 adults and children.

Our work continued in South-Central Somalia. Zaman helped International Medical Corps work in the area hardest hit by the 2011 famine, in which seasonal rain failures resulted in the worst annual crop production in 17 years. This work included the Abudwak District in the Galgadud Region, a remote area inhabited primarily by livestock farmers.

Through the generosity of the Zaman International donors, International Medical Corps was able to provide desperately needed clean water, building resilience in two of the communities most affected: a total of 240 households and 2,107 individuals.

Sips of Hope provided new access to clean water through the rehabilitation of berkhads (water reservoirs) in the remote Somalia communities of Hulkujir and Sayle. Berkhads are the only source of water for households and livestock during the dry season in many areas. Access to this clean water has improved household health by reducing exposure to disease-causing bacteria, as well as maintaining healthy livestock, which translates to improved household wealth and food.