Zaman's Mission


To realize a world where women and their children can break the cycle of poverty, and self-direct their futures.


To facilitate change and advance the lives of marginalized women and children by enabling them to meet essential needs common to all humankind and pursue sustainable, healthy lives.


Dignity manifests itself every day in our human interactions. We believe women and children deserve a dignified experience that restores self-worth and empowers inner strength. We uphold a person's dignity when poverty seeks to take it away.

Stewardship means time. We spend an era of time on earth and believe this gift should be spent in the service of those who need our support. We demonstrate our stewardship by alleviating poverty every day and extending our stewardship to our donors, partners, and volunteers.

Compassion begins with a commitment to a cause greater than ourselves. We are responsive, respectful, and helpful in all our interactions. We listen with love and concern. We exist to provide for the essential human needs common to each of us. We manifest compassion through love, mercy, and equity.

Integrity is the basis for decision-making at every level of our organization. We believe integrity is the guiding light that delivers an ethical, trustworthy, honest paradigm that our clients, donors, volunteers, partners, and employees can expect every day.

Hope is the ethos of our work. We exist to restore hope to humanity. When basic human needs are satisfied, our clients believe in a day better than the one before and a promising future better than the past.