English Literacy

Adult Literacy Program

English proficiency is the first step in the work force development process as it is essential to securing sustainable employment. Zaman's literacy program is designed for two types of students - those who desire workforce employment or those wanting postsecondary education. Students begin with basic reading and grammar skills, and gradually move to more advanced levels. Zaman was recognized as the #1 Literacy Program in the State of Michigan in 2022.

The award-winning curriculum:

  • Creates small group and one-on-one learning experiences to provide students a more personalized experience, allowing them to feel comfortable asking questions and conversing in English.

  • Provides personalized instruction and individualized lesson plans to address the gaps in the student's learning.

  • Uses Burlington English, an online ESL program focuses on language acquisition, workplace literacy, professional culture, and life skills literacy.

  • Monitors student progress under the guidance of a state-certified teacher to ensure core competencies are achieved.