Food Pantry

Culturally Approriate Food Assistance

Zaman's Client Choice Food Pantry allows families in need to select culturally-appropriate and nutritionally-balanced food. The pantry serves an average of 300 families per month, offering a range of staple ingredients, meat, dairy, and produce.

On a daily basis, many parents are forced to choose between purchasing food for their families or paying the costs of housing, utilities, and other essentials. Zaman International is committed to taking action so these families and their children won’t have to go a day without a meal.

How You Can Help

Food insecurity is one of the most urgent problems affecting our community. To help families overcome this need and lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty, Donate Now.


A month's worth of food for a family of four: $100


A food drive with your work, school, or place of worship.


A supplemental food voucher for meat and speciality items during the holidays: $50-$75


Stocking, organizing, and maintaining the pantry; weekly volunteer opportunities are available.

For more information about Zaman's Client Choice Food Pantry, contact us at or call (313) 551-3994.