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Contribute to Zaman's Annual Appeal Today!

Dear Zamanitarians,

Your financial support has helped Zaman become the organization it is today. In 2018, we served more than 9,000 people. Be it through the crisis assistance center, sewing and culinary arts vocational training, or literacy instruction, Zamanitarians made a true difference in the lives of women from around the region. We thank you for setting the stage for this achievement with your previous support!

Together, we have accomplished great things, but we can’t be distracted by or satisfied with our success. Why? Because 9,000 more women and children need help and connecting with them makes your support even more important. In order to expand our reach, I am asking you to renew your support and contribute to the year-end campaign today.
I am deeply grateful for all the support you’ve given to us over the years and appreciate your confidence in Zaman’s mission. Our work together is far from done, and your continued investment is needed now.
Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Najah Bazzy | Founder and CEO
Zaman International