Programs / Insight to the programs we offer
Basic Needs
Bayt Al-Zahra: The House of Light and Hope Urgent Needs Program
Zaman's programs provide basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter assistance to marginalized women and children.
Mobile Food Pantry and Other Food Services
Our Mobile Food Pantry has a big goal: eliminate hunger in Southeastern Michigan. We use local resources to provide food assistance to households in need by partnering with local restaurants to deliver hot, nutritious meals and by providing food boxes with culturally-appropriate food staples. Since 2010, Zaman International has ensured thousands of households are food secure through various approaches based on the household's unique needs. We have delivered 319,029 pounds of hot meals, distributed nearly 900 gift cards and vouchers to households in need, and delivered 2,368 food boxes which contain culturally-appropriate food staples that last for at least one month.
Signature Programs
Plots for Tots - Infant Burial Program
The Plots for Tots Infant Burial Program was developed to assist indigent families, regardless of ethnicity or religious affiliation, that cannot afford proper burials for their fetus, infant or toddler by providing resources to properly put their children to rest. Since 2005, Plots for Tots has offered 54 families inner peace by providing the resources to put their child to rest in a dignified manner.
Sips of Hope Well Campaign and International Programs
Zaman International believes that helping humanity should know no borders. Not only do we help those close to home, but we help people around the world struggling to survive through partnerships with other international organizations. In collaboration with our main partner, International Medical Corps, Zaman has provided disaster and relief efforts in 11 countries. Our main program, the Sips of Hope Well Campaign, provides safe drinking water to the most devastated and impoverished global communities. With International Medical Corps, we have provided nearly 400,000 people from remote communities with access to safe drinking water. We also respond to humanitarian disasters as they arise in an effort to help communities recover after facing devastating disasters. We have responded to crises in Nepal, Syria, Pakistan, Gaza, Haiti, Philippines, Lebanon, Iraq, Somalia, Kenya, Bosnia and Herzegovina among others.
Training Programs
B.O.O.S.T. Vocational and Literacy Training Program
B.O.O.S.T. (Building Ongoing Opportunities through Skills Training) empowers marginalized women by offering trainings, including basic skills and employment training, which will allow them to support themselves and their families. With courses ranging from literacy education, GED advancement and vocational training, B.O.O.S.T. offers marginalized women the opportunity to progress and gain employment. Since expanding its services in 2010, B.O.O.S.T. has empowered 263 women through various training opportunities and support workshops.
Zaman's New Home: The Hope for Humanity Center
Zaman International is proud to announce the purchase of our new home. Nearly 8 times our previous size, the 40,500 sq foot building embraces our vast growth over the last ten years by giving us ample space to help more marginalized women and children in the region and around the globe. The Hope for Humanity Center will ensure that our impact on the ground reaches even further, and that community support and involvement continues to foster our growth.