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Celebrating 10 Years of Strengthening Hope for Humanity

The hard work and dedication of the staff and community has resulted in major accomplishments over the last ten years.  Since our founding as an NGO, Zaman has reached these major milestones: 

  1. Zaman has grown from the vision of one person to a team of 17 individuals committed to Hope for Humanity.
  2. Zaman has built relationships with 120 partner organizations and more than 3,100 volunteers, who have provided more than 16,000 hours of service.
  3. We have supported more than 12,500 families through their crises, providing more than 61,000 services.
  4. We have empowered 124 women as graduates of our B.O.O.S.T. vocational training program.
  5. We have collected over 300 tons of clothing for our families in urgent and crisis situations.
  6. We have distributed over 250 tons of hot and dry food and 47,000 meals to families in need.
  7. More than 3,000 children didn't have to go hungry over the summer months because of our Summer Food Program.
  8. Families were able to lay their babies to rest with 34 dignified infant burials in our Plots for Tots Program.
  9. We have provided over 100,000 people with drinking water through 5 wells built in Africa.
  10. Our humanitarian efforts have spanned the globe, providing disaster and relief efforts in 11 different countries.

To Facilitate change and advance the lives of marginalized women and children by enabling them t meet essential needs common to all humankind.

To realize a world were women and their children can break the cycle of poverty and self-direct their futures.

Core Values:
To consciously cultivate the human rights of all people through: Equity, Mercy, Integrity, Dignity, Diversity, and Service.

Thank you Supporters for 10 years of bringing Hope to Humanity!