Apr 13, 2024

Zaman is selected as the charity of choice by the Martian Invasion of Races

This April, Zaman is the charity of choice for the Martian Invasion of Races. Martian Invasions of Races offers volunteer roles in exchange for donations towards Zaman's mission. There are numerous ways to contribute, refer to the volunteer details below.

Volunteer Opportunities 
Location: Dearborn, MI Date: April 13, 2024

Zamanitarian Course Volunteers:
 Help cheer on runners and keep them going in the right direction! Volunteers will be placed along the course route! Entertainment welcomed! Music, pom-poms, cow bell, etc.! 

  • Course Volunteer: 6AM – 10AM, 8 Spots,  $30 Donation upon completion
  • Course Volunteer: 6AM – NOON, 8 Spots, $50 Donation upon completion
  • 5K Aid: 7AM – 9AM, 10 Spots, $20 Donation upon completion