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CNN Heroes Honors Najah Bazzy

After receiving thousands of nominations from around the globe, CNN has selected Najah Bazzy, Zaman’s CEO and founder, as a CNN Hero for 2019. 

CNN announced Najah, featuring Zaman, as the Hero of the Week on September 12, and CNN is currently highlighting Najah online at CNNHeroes.com. You can watch the segment here.

As Najah will be first to say, empowering households and breaking the cycle of poverty to achieve hope for all of humanity rests not on the shoulders of one but the support of many. 

“Though the CNN Hero honor may be in my name, the successes CNN highlights reflect the collaboration of our entire Zaman family,” said Najah. “By realizing the mission of Zaman, our team members, supporters, partners and volunteers are the true heroes of a hopeful vision for the future.”

Being named a CNN Hero will help us spread the word of Zaman’s message, grow its impact and show the world the impact of our collaborative work in Southeast Michigan and beyond. All supporters of Zaman can help.

Inspired? Donate Today.

CNN has created a CrowdRise page in honor of Zaman to help us further our work. Please consider making a contribution to the CrowdRise fundraising page and share it with others so they can learn more about Zaman and how they too can support Hope for Humanity.

In the coming weeks, from approximately 20 selected CNN Heroes, the list will be further narrowed by the news network to the Top 10. If Najah is selected by CNN for this recognition, she will become part of a global voting process to select a CNN Hero of the Year. 

Each of these additional honors come with financial rewards Najah will reinvest into the Zaman mission to empower marginalized women and children facing injustice and poverty through our programs and outreach. 

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