Sewing Training

Garment & Industrial Sewing Vocational Training

Zaman's sewing program prepares women for employment and entrepreneurship with garment and industrial sewing and alteration skills. The program is offered in an extended format for English language learners (ELL or ESL) and an accelerated format for native English speakers. Graduates are well-prepared for high-demand jobs in the manufacturing industry or to use their skills to start their own small business.

Program training, apprenticeship, and employment opportunities include:

  • Multi-level sewing instruction ranging from alterations to custom tailoring and use of industrial sewing machines.

  • Certification in apparel and textile production, ensuring candidates have the skills to high-demand land jobs for employers outside Zaman.

  • U.S. Department of Labor-approved industrial sewing apprenticeship program in sewing machine operation that prepares students to pursue in-demand careers.

  • Immersive 12-week certification courses as a fast-track to the professional certification needed to pursue sustainable employment.

  • Employment opportunities in Zaman’s sewing factory or through Zaman facilitated commissioned entrepreneurial projects