What We Do

Since 1996, Zaman has been providing hope for humanity. Learn about our programs and how we're working to break the cycle of poverty.


Zaman's programming is designed to realize a world where women and their children can break the cycle of poverty and self-direct their futures.

We are committed to filling in gaps of support, domestically and internationally, to provide hope and meet the essential needs common to all humankind. Our programs empower women to achieve the skills and training needed to pursue sustainable careers and employment opportunities.

From Crisis to Sustainability: The Zaman Client Journey

A woman who enters the Hope For Humanity Center embarks on a journey from crisis to sustainability that provides the opportunity to unlock her potential and overcome poverty while creating a more prosperous future for her family.

One to two years after arriving at Zaman, the goal is for these women to have the income and confidence to overcome any remaining barriers and enter a work setting, establish a business, or pursue additional education. Reaching those goals empowers them to break the cycle of poverty using their own skills and talent.

Crisis: Meeting Basic Needs

Bayt Al-Zahra Urgent Needs

Zaman's social work initiative provides food, clothing, shelter, case management services, and other forms of emergency relief to women, children, seniors, and the terminally ill. Learn more about the Bayt Al-Zahra Urgent Needs Program.

Good Deeds Resale Shop

Offers a free, dignified selection experience for clients in need of clothes and household goods. Proceeds from low-cost resale help generate revenue to support Zaman's programs. Learn more about the Good Deeds Resale Shop.

Client Choice Food Pantry

Allows families to select culturally appropriate and nutritionally balanced food each month and is an official partner of Gleaners Community Food Bank. Learn more about the Client Choice Food Pantry.

Zaman Community Health Center

Provides health education, mental wellness services for our clients with preventative care beginning in 2024. Learn more about the Zaman Community Health Center.

Meet Up & Eat Up Summer Food Program

Provides healthy meals for children from low-income families during the summer months, in partnership with United Way for Southeastern Michigan and Islamic Relief USA. Learn more about the Meet Up & Eat Up Summer Food program.

Plots for Tots Infant Burial

Assists families that cannot afford a proper burial for their fetus, infant, or toddler. Learn more about the Plots for Tots Infant Burial program.

Sustainability: Providing Education, Vocational Training, and Employment

Building Ongoing Opportunities through Skills Training (BOOST)

Offers tuition-free classes to help women secure the education and skillsets needed to enter the job market or start a small business. Includes literacy, GED, entrepreneurship, sewing, and culinary arts classes. Through various workforce development organizations and other partners, BOOST helps graduates secure employment after completing the program. Learn more about BOOST literacy, vocational training, and career navigation.

Culinary Arts Training

Facilities include two commercial kitchens created to support BOOST culinary students, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities, while also generating revenue for programs by providing catering services, hot café lunches, and products for sale. Learn more about our culinary arts training.

Zaman Sewing Training

Programs offered in garment sewing and industrial sewing with industry credentialing administered upon completion. Zaman's cut-and-sew factory provides apprenticeship and on-site employment opportunities for graduates. Learn more about our sewing training

International: Providing Crisis Relief Around the World

Zaman believes in rising to meet poverty wherever it exists and has several programs to provide crisis relief around the world. Working in collaboration with international partners, Zaman offers its donors avenues to respond to disasters and relieve suffering in dozens of countries.

Orphan Hope

Operates locally and globally, the Orphan Hope program provides basic needs and ongoing support for children who have lost a parent.

Sips of Hope

Supports clean water initiatives around the world in collaboration with international partners.

Humanitarian Relief

Helps communities around the world recover from natural disasters and violent conflicts in partnership with International Medical Corps.

Learn more about our international humanitarian relief efforts.